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Jocelyn’s Book Reviews, Winter 2022

Hello, hello, hello!

Happy February and Year of the Tiger!

With all that has gone on- and all that is still going on, and on, and ON- I offer a few snippets to entice you to put down burdens of all kinds, if just for a bit, and pick up a couple of good children’s books. If you know me at all, you know I believe children’s books are for every age. 

I hope you agree- or at least allow me to try and convince you!

For refreshment of the spirit, I offer the following titles:

This is a gift for you

This is a Gift For You

Written and Illustrated by Emily Winfred Martin

Inclusive, multicultural illustrations show off heartfelt messages, delivered in simple rhymes in this peaceful and loving book. Simple rhymes that talk about important things, like treasures and magic and things that are true. I hope your shoulders will release tension, as mine did, when reading these gentle words. Words to make your child feel loved.  

“This is a thing I know: My arms are somewhere you can always go.”

Great for the youngest readers to the oldest.

Little wooden robot book

The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess

Written and Illustrated by Tom Gauld

Who says there is no such thing as a new story? Gauld has created an original fairy tale that has just the right amount of suspense to go along with that happy ending I always hope for. With meticulously drawn illustrations, our main character exhibits perseverance and determination, which is rewarded with love and forgiveness…but wait! Not so fast! The story is not done. 

Plot twist! 

The smallest characters come to the rescue finding help (from a witch!) to save the day- so all could live happily ever after, just as I’d hoped it would. I was completely amazed and charmed.

Great for the slightly older crowd. Say, from 4 on up.



Illustrated by Pete Oswald

Once in a great while, using only illustrations, a completely wonderful story can be told. This wordless book lovingly shows us the day a father and child go off on an adventure. (If you look closely, you’ll see clues from the beginning pointing to the purpose of this day’s hike.)

From the early morning start to the well-deserved rest at night, we can see not only where this family goes, and what they do, but also their emotions. The details are enchanting. What a fun way for you and a young companion to talk about past and future adventures!


Great for those who have the patience to take a good look!

And a few more stellar books that deserve a shout out-

We all play

We All Play by Julie Flett. A gorgeous picture book with fabulous illustrations and equally fabulous vocabulary- some of it in the Cree language. Wonderful! 

Great for 2 or 3 on up to 6 or 7.

Egg marks the spot

Egg Marks the Spot by Amy Timberlake. The sequel to Skunk and Badger, a book I raved about in this venue a while ago. Just as good! 

Great for reading to 4 or 5 on up and then they’ll want to read it themselves.

Q is for Duck

Q is for Duck by Mary Elting and Michael Folsom. This silly book will tickle your beginning reader’s funny bone just as easily now as when it was published in 1980. 

Great for 4 or 5s on up, so they get the joke.

Thank you for reading! 

And a personal note to you–

Have fun outside, be safe, stay warm, and take care of yourself (and others).

Yes- I am speaking to you.

Sending best hopes for the future.


Jocelyn Gebhardt