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Author of “A Parent’s Guide To Gifted Children” Tells Audience How To Help Gifted Kids Search For Meaning In Their Life

BVGT-Jim-WebbDr. Jim Webb spoke to a large, very interested audience at a BVGT presentation. Webb’s talk centered on his latest, and he says “my final book”: Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope. Webb is one of the 25 most influential psychologists nationally on gifted education and has written or co-authored 17 books. You can buy Webb’s books on gifted from Great Potential PressHe’s pictured here with BVGT co-President Cindy Outlaw before his BVGT presentation. See more photos on our Facebook page.

You can see the slides from his presentation, including 13 Healthy Coping Styles for gifted individuals who are “Searching For Meaning”.

BVGT Presentation Addresses Gifted Children And Friendship

BVGT Annette Sheely 2014A recent BVGT presentation by Annette Sheely shed light on helping the gifted make and keep friends. Childhood friends are important because if a child hasn’t had at least one close friend by age 12, it’s much more difficult for the child to develop close relationships later in life, according to Sheely. With gifted children often being sensitive, intense, sometimes with unusual interests, and a smaller group of like-minded peers, it can be more difficult to make and keep friends. To discover what parents and teachers can do to help with building friendships, see the slides from “Friends For Life” here.

Gifted Children Want Help To Discover Their Golden Center

Dr. Patty Gatto Walden spoke to an audience of over a hundred parents and educators at a recent BVGT event titled “What Gifted Kids Want You To Know: Understanding Your Gifted Child from the Inside Out”. Part of what Dr. Patty spoke of was the “golden center” within each gifted individual. Educators and parents need to help children discover and nurture their “golden center.” She encouraged people to slow down and listen to the children. Read more about Dr. Patty Gatto Walden’s bio and current work. See our Facebook photos.

Jackson Encourages Parents To Think Of The Whole Person First

Susan Jackson, MA, RCC, the founder of Canada’s Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted,  spoke to about 120 people at a BVGT presentation at Fairview High School. Her talk, “Resilient, Calm and Deeply Engaged: 27 Strategies to Promote Optimal Well-Being in Our Brilliant, Intense, and Asynchronous Kids”, focused on “the whole person first; before academics, before talent development. We have to honor and acknowledge all aspects of the whole child and help them find balance,” said Jackson. See the slides of Susan Jackson’s presentation here.