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Parent Liaisons

Build understanding and community for GT students and families at your school!

BVGT Parent Liaisons form a link between BVGT and local school communities. At our meetings, we exchange information about BVGT events and other timely local opportunities. We also present and discuss relevant current topics affecting our gifted students. We are striving to build a network of well-informed and engaged parents who can offer a parent perspective to BVGT, gain knowledge and experience from our monthly interactions, and, in turn, become a resource to other parents within your own school communities.

There are many schools in Boulder Valley not currently represented by a BVGT Parent Liaison. If you’d like more information about becoming a BVGT Parent Liaison for your child’s school, please contact Tricia Carpenter and Deb Darnell (BVGT Parent Liaison Co-Coordinators) at [email protected].

Parent Liaison network meetings typically alternate between mid-day and late afternoons. If you are interested but cannot attend meetings at these times of day, please still contact us as we may be able to make other arrangements. We look forward to connecting with you!