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Book Study: Embracing the Whole Gifted Self

For parents and caregivers of gifted students, Join BVGT and fellow parents/caregivers of gifted children for a FREE book study of Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden’s Embracing the Whole Gifted Self (2016). This 113-page book by local psychologist Dr. Patty Gatto-Walden provides a succinct yet detailed overview of the many aspects of giftedness, and how to recognize and balance them in everyday life. For more details, see link.

Sundays October 22 AND November 5, 2023 from 2:30-4:30pm
Bob L. Burger Recreation Center, 111 W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO 80026
Space is limited! REGISTER at for FREE by October 18.

JoAnn Correll, Unpacking the Gifted Gap: Confronting Disproportionality in Education

This presentation delves into the critical issues of disproportionality in gifted education. With a focus on culturally sustaining education and equity, this session explores the impact of deficit framing and microaggressions, while offering practical strategies to dismantle barriers and foster belonging for all students. Participants will gain valuable insights, explore real-life case studies, and walk away with actionable resources to promote inclusive practices in classrooms and beyond.

Presented by Boulder Valley School District and Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented

RSVP: Email your name and preferred email address to [email protected] by Sept. 11th.

Digital Presentation: Wed., Sep. 13th, 2023, 4:15-5:15 PM (link to Google Meet)

Sign up in MyPassport (course #27642) for instructional seat time credit.

Click here for more information.

Summer 2023 Playdates

BVGT offers free weekly summertime “playdates” for students of all ages (and their grown-ups), with opportunities to play games, build with Legos, explore outdoors, take guided tours, and more!  BVGT playdates will take place on certain Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings throughout the summer at libraries, parks, and other places around the district.  Our goal: to create opportunities for parents and guardians of gifted kiddos to connect with each other to ask questions, swap stories, and share resources, while at the same time giving their children something fun to do together.  

We’ll also bring snacks and drinks to the playdates, along with a selection of relevant books from the BVGT Lending Library.  Plus, BVGT Board members will be on hand to discuss what we have learned about raising and educating gifted children.

Everyone is welcome, whether or not your children have been officially identified as “gifted and talented” and regardless of where they attend school (BVSD, another district, a private school, home…).  Also, you do not need to be a member of BVGT to attend. 

The best way to track our events is with the BVGT Meetup group (which is quick and free to join). You can also check the BVGT Facebook page and the BVGT website.  It’s helpful if you can RSVP in advance through Meetup or Facebook or by emailing our community outreach chair–but RSVPs are not required, because it’s summertime! You can decide at the last minute whether or not you’re attending!

6/5/2023Monday6:30Waneka LakeLafayette
6/14/2023Wednesday2:00Walden PondsBoulder
6/24/2023Saturday10:00Agricultural Heritage CenterLongmont
6/26/2023Monday6:30Louisville Public LibraryLouisville
7/5/2023Wednesday2:00Broomfield Public LibraryBroomfield
7/26/2023Wednesday2:00North Boulder ParkBoulder
8/5/2023Saturday10:00Superior Community CenterSuperior

August 9, 2022: BVGT re-introduces itself to the BVSD school board

Stacey Green, advocacy chair for BVGT, reintroduced BVGT to the BVSD School Board on August 9, 2022.

Previous Events

Click here to see more of our previous events.

Video – Dr. Linda Silverman: “Still Gifted After All These Years”

Dr. Silverman has graciously allowed us to share a recording of the event, as well as an article she originally published in The Boulder Parent: “What is Giftedness“. She has also allowed us to post a PDF version of this talk: “Still Gifted After All These Years“.

Recorded on Wednesday, April 12th 2023, 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Southern Hills Middle School
1500 Knox Dr, Boulder

Presented by Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented and by the Boulder Valley School District.

Giftedness is not about recognized achievement; it is about who you are, not what you do. You have unique characteristics that lead to unusual experiences throughout the lifespan. You are intense, complex, sensitive, perfectionistic, idealistic, mission driven, indignant about injustices no one else seems to notice. In this presentation, you will learn how a deeper understanding of your giftedness can lead to greater compassion for others and enable you to fulfill your life’s mission.

More details about the event here.

Follow-up to “Why Gifted Kids are Actually Special Needs”

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the screening of Dr. Alok Kanojia’s video, “Why Gifted Kids Are Actually Special Needs.” BVGT will host a follow-up discussion at 7:00 PM on January 24th. If you missed our original event or would like to look at the video, you can find it below.

Why Gifted Kids are Actually Special Needs

Announcing our next BVGT Zoom Event–“Why Gifted Kids are Actually Special Needs”–on January 17th from 7-8pm!

Join us to watch Dr. Alok Kanojia’s video presentation explaining why GT students are special needs students and how “society actually sets gifted children up to kind of fail.”

A short discussion will follow the video connecting its content to our Colorado’s ECEA (Exceptional Children’s Educational Act) law and how it may impact your gifted student. Find more information on ECEA here:

An additional follow up discussion on January 24th (link) concerning the special needs of gifted students as discussed in this video. If you missed our event or would like to look at the video again, you can find it at

Dr. Alok Kanojia is an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School working alongside leading clinicians, researchers and academics who are on the cutting edge of integrative psychiatric care. He is a private psychiatrist in Boston, MA, and cofounder of Healthy Gamer. He designs mental health education and coaching for young people to understand their minds and build the lives they want.

Gaming Addiction with Dr. Amanda Giordano

Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented (BVGT) and Boulder Valley School District presented a live virtual webinar on Thursday, October 6th, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm with live Q&A from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Dr. Amanda Giordano has generously allowed us to post the slides and the video from last night’s presentation, “Gaming Addiction: Considerations for Gifted Teens”.

Virtual Presentation “Gifted & Talented 101: The Learning Galaxy – Strengths-Based Portfolios with Dr. Della Remack”, September 27, 4:00 PM.

Boulder Valley School District and Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented are teaming up to virtually present another in our GT 101 series! 

 “Gifted & Talented 101: The Learning Galaxy – Strengths-Based Portfolios with Dr. Della Remack” happens on Tuesday, September 27th at 4:00 pm using this Google Meet link. Everyone is welcome to attend. BVSD employees may sign up in MyPassport (course #26843) for instructional seat time credit.

Click here for a recording of this presentation.

Gifted & Talented 101: Differentiation on a Dime

Wednesday, September 7, 2022 4:30pm-5:30pm

It happens to all of us. You carefully plan your lesson. You excitedly start teaching. Then you recognize that dreaded this-lesson-is-too-easy look on your gifted students’ faces. You realize your approach might be too conventional. Fear not! In this hour-long session, find out how you can instantly turn any lesson around using simple, effective advanced differentiation strategies that increase engagement and challenge for your gifted learners. Let’s keep our gifted students motivated, engaged, and learning!

A Follow-Up Discussion of “Dads: What to Do with Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors”

FREE Live Virtual Discussion Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

You’re invited to a live, interactive follow-up discussion to our December screening of Bright & Quirky Summit’s popular session. Click here to rewatch the session video by Dr. Stephen W. Porges & Dr. Mona Delahooke. Then, join our community of families and educators in sharing advice with one another about how it’s going, what’s working or not working, and what you can continue to do in dealing with your gifted child’s meltdowns, refusals, and other challenging behaviors.

Google Meet joining info
(The event has concluded.)

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Learners with Wendy Behrens

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM MST

Boulder Valley School District and Boulder Valley Gifted & Talented proudly hosts nationally-renowned gifted expert Wendy Behrens, M.A.Ed.!

Gifted students with disabilities, known as twice-exceptional learners, are at-risk when their instructional and social and emotional needs are not recognized and supported. These co-occurring conditions occur in an estimated one third of all gifted learners. While identification of these learners is challenging for even the most experienced education professional, understanding the unique strengths and challenges of twice-exceptional learners will help prepare practitioners and parents as they work to meet those needs. This virtual presentation looks at the needs and lived experiences of students who have exceptional strengths and learning disabilities.

Following the presentation, there will be a live online discussion led by BVSD’s GT Coordinator, Dr. Michelle DuBois.

Visit the Eventbrite page to register for this event!

Differentiating Up! Challenging Advanced Learners Through the Enrichments, Extensions & Enhancements (E3) Model

Monday, February 7, 2022 3:00-4:00 pm MT

Boulder Valley School District’s Gifted & Talented Department is thrilled to host internationally-renowned gifted education expert Dr. Richard Cash!

In this virtual session called “Differentiating Up!” learn how to adjust and modify your instructional practices to provide gifted and advanced students with challenging and engaging learning experiences.

This virtual event takes place on Monday, February 7th from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Educators can register for seat-time credit in MyPassport (course #26389).

Google Meet joining info
(The event has concluded.)

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