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Dr. Dan Peters, “Bright and Quirky 101: A Quick, Shareable Overview of Twice Exceptional (2e) Kids”

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Join BVGT on Monday, December 11, 2023 @ 7-8pm for a video screening and discussion. The Zoom link is below.

Does your bright or GT child struggle with learning? Do they excel in some areas, but have great challenges in others? Do they seem smarter than their grades, or have frequent meltdowns? Could your child be “2e” – that is, gifted with a learning, processing or other exceptionality such as dyslexia, ADHD or autism?

Join BVGT for this free virtual program as we watch psychologist Dr. Dan Peters explain the characteristics of twice exceptional learners, and discuss what this can look like in our own kids, at home and in the classroom.

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Dr. Dan Peters is a psychologist, co-founder and Executive Director of the Summit Center. This video is part of the Bright & Quirky 2021 Summit, and is presented by BVGT through agreement with Bright & Quirky. The video will only be available to view during our scheduled program.