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JoAnn Correll, “Unpacking the Gifted Gap: Confronting Disproportionality in Education”

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This presentation delves into the critical issues of disproportionality in gifted education. With a focus on culturally sustaining education and equity, this session explores the impact of deficit framing and microaggressions, while offering practical strategies to dismantle barriers and foster belonging for all students. Participants will gain valuable insights, explore real-life case studies, and walk away with actionable resources to promote inclusive practices in classrooms and beyond.

Presented by Boulder Valley School District and Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented

RSVP: Email your name and preferred email address to [email protected] by Sept. 11th.

Digital Presentation: Wed., Sep. 13th, 2023, 4:15-5:15 PM (link to Google Meet)

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As a dedicated teacher, parent, and advocate for educational equity, JoAnn Correll brings over five years of teaching experience, a Master’s degree, and a passion for promoting culturally sustaining education. Currently pursuing an EdD in Educational Studies: Innovation and Reform, her research centers around addressing disproportionality, combatting deficit framing and micro-aggressions, and fostering academic success for all students.