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Jocelyn’s Book Reviews, Spring 2022

Happy May to everyone!

Books newish and older- check them out.

I hope you see something that grabs you.

All the Ways to be Smart

All the Ways to Be Smart book

Written by Davina Bell

Illustrated by Allison Colpoys

A fabulous book with a cheerful rhyme, it starts off “I can’t wait to share with you how smart you are the whole day through.”  And ends with “And nobody will ever do…the very same smart things as you.”

It’s up to YOU to read the middle part- preferably with a child or two.

Love love love the illustrations! Two thumbs up!


Awake book

Written and Illustrated by Mags DeRoma

How could you not like a book that starts with this on the opening endpapers?

OPEN (symbol of eyes)
OPEN (symbol of brain)
OPEN (symbol of heart)

This is a story of a young girl and her dog Oscar at bedtime. She is just settling down to sleep, when guess what she sees out of the corner of her eye? 


Well! She wasn’t sleepy anymore. She was AWAKE! She brainstormed all the things she could do to that spider- (you’ve GOT to check out these brilliant illustrations!). Such a clever, sympathetic girl realizes, finally, “Maybe YOU’RE scared of ME.” A more loving and satisfying resolution to such a dilemma could not be imagined. Two thumbs up!

A New Alphabet For Humanity

A New Alphabet for Humanity book

Written by Leesa McGragor
Illustrated by Daniela Sosa

Let’s hear it for a new alphabet concept. Instead of A is for Apple, how about A is for Abundance? Then a simple definition of Abundance following a spot-on illustration. B is for Bravery… F is for Forgiveness,  S is for Sincere,  V is for Vibrant.

Grab a copy of this book to fill in the missing letters yourself.

This would be such a great book for both younger and older kids. I can picture older kids choosing their own words, explaining their definitions and rationale. Why is their word important?  Maybe drawing their own illustrations to match. Wonderful, wonderful! 

Two thumbs up!

And for our youngest readers/listeners:

Look At Me!

Look at Me book

Written by Begin Smart
Illustrated by Elliot Kreloff

“Look at me! I am a BEAR!  GRRR!”

This fun board book is such a fun read aloud to young kids! When you open the book there are holes for your eyes and slots for your hands so you can hold it up to your face to delight your audience. “Look at me! I’m a dog! WOOF!” This simple book with bold, colorful illustrations that will tickle your child’s funny bone. Not exactly a sleepy bedtime book- this gets everyone energized.

 “Look at me! I am a LION! ROAR!”  

Two paws up!

Enjoy a summer full of fabulous books-

I certainly plan to!

If your family has a well-loved children’s book title or two you think I- or everyone- should know about, feel free to send me the info. I’d love to hear about your favorites.

Thank you!

Jocelyn Gebhardt

[email protected]